User research

Collect feedback on early design concepts and marketed devices to explore users’ opinions. We are experts in interviews, focus groups, and contextual enquires.

User research is carried out at the earliest stages of product design and development to get users’ feedback on early design concepts and marketed devices. This helps prioritise their needs, providing focus for design.

A mixed method approach is often taken to collect quantitative and qualitative data from observing marketed devices being used in practice, speaking to users in interviews and focus groups, collecting users’ opinions in surveys, and reviewing past incidents in desktop reviews.

We assist with all types of research projects.  We listen to you to get a complete understanding of your objectives and research questions. We can assist with both planning and executing the project, and can work independently or collaboratively with your project team.

We are skilled in preparing research protocols, recruiting participants, managing ethical review applications, organising venues, collecting data, and developing reports with recommendations.