About us

Hello, we are Bergo. Our usability and human factors services have been trusted by leading medical device companies worldwide for more than 14 years.

Our history

Founded by Dr Nick Bradley in 2009, Bergo is a usability and human factors consultancy specialising in medical devices. Bergo was born shortly after the first edition of IEC 62366 in 2007 – a landmark standard that brought crucial changes to how usability gets regulated in the medical device industry.  Bergo was therefore the first consultancy of its kind in the United Kingdom.

In other industries, such as aviation, oil & gas, nuclear and defence, human factors has been around for many more years – over 70 in the defence industry. Before setting up Bergo, our founder Nick worked in those industries and saw a great opportunity to apply his experience to medical devices and in turn influence the advancement of human factors in the industry.

Our core philosophy is to deliver projects at the highest standards, making use of academic literature and best-practice, industry-recognised techniques.  Our training courses, which we have been running for over 13 years, have helped us not only stay up to date with regulatory changes worldwide but also remain at the forefront of academic research and practice. 

We work with clients both large and small, across many areas of the medical device industry. Since our inception, we are proud to have worked with over 300 clients globally. Bergo is therefore one of the most experienced consultancies of its kind in Europe.

Our values

  • Listen – we will listen to you to get an accurate and complete understanding of your needs and expectations
  • Integrity – we will always be honest and impartial with how we conduct business making us a supplier you can trust
  • Quality – we strive for excellence in everything we do and use your feedback to continually improve
  • Passion – we are hugely passionate about what we do and like to bring fun into all our projects and training.

Our core team

Dr Nick Bradley

Manager and Founder

Nick founded BERGO in 2009 after accumulating a wealth of experience in usability and human factors across healthcare, medical technology, oil & gas, nuclear, and defence industries.

Nick now specialises in medical devices and assists clients globally with all aspects of applying usability and human factors engineering to medical devices. He also delivers all BERGO’s training courses, which over 1200 people have attended.

Suzy Robertson

Marketing Manager

Suzy has been central to BERGO since its inception in 2009 and has been a driving force in the success of the business.

With a background in international business and marketing, Suzy has previously held senior positions in digital agencies and in the whisky industry.

Our partner

Since 2017, Acumen has been an affiliate of BERGO and helps recruit participants for our usability studies using their own database of healthcare professionals and patients.

They also have strong community partnerships and work with a number of organisations which expands their scope and reach much further than traditional recruitment.