Human factors training

Get your staff trained on usability and human factors principles and techniques. Either join one of our open-enrolment courses or get in touch to organise onsite training.

In recent years, there has have a growing demand for training on applying usability and human factors engineering to medical devices.  This has been fuelled by:

  • a growing body of literature on the topic which manufacturers need to understand and implement, covering standards, guidance documents, academic articles, and textbooks.
  • a requirement in IEC 62366-1:2015+AMD1:2020 that manufacturers must have personnel competent on carrying out usability engineering activities based on appropriate education, training, skills and experience.

Since 2009, we have trained and certified over 1100 people from over 260 organisations globally on the topic.  We deliver both open-enrolment courses, and onsite courses tailored to your organisation.

Delegates who join our courses get a comprehensive understanding on how to effectively implement the usability engineering process and how to efficiently document activities for regulatory bodies.  Our intensive, interactive courses also equip delegates with valuable practical skills for conducting their own project work.