User-Interface Design

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User Interface Design

We help create usable technologies that are effective, safe and satisfying to use. Working with your design team, we offer various approaches to addressing your User Interface (UI) design and evaluation needs.

  • UI Facelift - Making Improvements: For a product already in development or for one already on the market-place, a UI Facelift can identify changes that can make a significant improvement to the UI. Using records of any existing device use problems, we conduct a usability evaluation to identify and prioritise design improvements according to their impact and to your scheduling and resource constraints.
  • UI Blueprint - Detailed layout and structure: For a new product idea, we can assist with developing a UI Blueprint that ensures optimal user interactions with your product. Using task analysis techniques, we can develop a high level design of the UI, indicating the best way to organise and layout functionality according to users' needs, preferences and expectations. A product that enables users to complete tasks and navigate functionality quickly, effectively and safely helps create a positive brand image.

When needed we also have graphic design and other technical associates who are able to assist with UI development to create a fresh, polished, and aesthetically pleasing look.